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Bat-friendly night-time lighting at Nieuwkoop, the Netherlands

Signify helped the municipality of Nieuwkoop to ensure that its bat population and wildlife is not disturbed by artificial lighting by installing specially designed street lighting.
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Danuta Tokarska : Podoba mi się i to bardzo,byłam w Nieuwkoop w sierpniu przez 6 dni coś niesamowitego,przepiękne,pozdrawiam z Polski
fg49 : In real life the emitted light is much more red. I think that having lighting design that focusses on downward lighting alone without using the specific red "bat-friendly" colour would have been fine for the bats and for the residents as well
HeylonNHP : What was wrong with using high pressure sodium?
Mermutany Lover : I Love You Video!

FP-7100 Episode 6 Cab Mounting Part 2

More details of the cab mounting, fresh air duct, seats (not so much) steering, rust repair ect.
chas hastings : Looks great
Jason Fruge : Around the old cv dash and the firewall of the cv how did you cut back or cut off to fit stock cab?
Rudy's Resurrection : I am just looking at how to route my fresh air into my crown vic box. Did you cut into your box, or does the right side of it protrude into the cowl area? Having a tough time figuring out how to get the box mounted back to the vic firewall with the cab in place. I don't see anyway to do it without cutting the box (which I would like to avoid) or cutting metal out of the inside kick panel area so that it protrudes into that cowl space.
Pat-413 : It's looking good, I hope you did done what you need to before the cold weather sets in.
Wayne Waldrep : What are you using to cut with? I'm just curious. I've seen no cutting!! Or welding!! :) Seriously though, the cab cuts looked very good and precise. Angle grinder with a cutting disc? Reciprocating saw? Or air tool with cutoff disc? Give up the Your vertical blend panel from the truck firewall to Vic firewall looks neat and tidy...same with the sides where you tied the cab to the Vic firewall (front of door area). Good episode. Can't wait till the next one.
Tom Lovelace : Great job.
Brian Swanke : Turning out good. I love the fact you are using crown vic air boxes and and other crown vic parts but keeping the truck dash. Very cool!
Chippy Doo : This is purty neato
River City : Excellent my friend! Love this build. Thanks for the update!
Will Hopson : Very cool excellent progression. I look forward to video 3.

GoPro: One Million Bats

Cristian Dimitrius and Fran Hutchins travel to Bracken Cave outside San Antonio, Texas to watch a tornado of bats take over the sky.

Learn more about Bracken Cave at:

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Welder: "Animoninde"
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Jemison Hughes : Don’t eat them lol
Badmanlilleker 20 : Coronavirus heaven
Mr. Ditkovitch : You could feed an entire Chinese village
doctaugly d : The asians would genetically modify virus bats carry smart fucks
The Greatest Nation On Earth : I only counted 9999999
Tyto Guardian : The bats circling around them reminded me of Batman Begins. The swarm of bats choosing Bruce to be Batman.
Had to change my profile : I found the batcave
Had to change my profile : Batman brought me here
Avalon Justin : Those awesome bats eating all the mosquitoes and other pesky insects!
Heather Hartman : Dont forget to bring a hat!!!




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