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Cuisinart Electric Cookie Press Specialty Appliance (CCP-10) Demo Video

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Make more cookies in less time with the Electric Cookie Press from Cuisinart. This easy-to-use press turns out professional-looking cookies in minutes! There are 12 cookie discs to choose from, including special seasonal patterns, as well as 8 designer pastry tips for decorating cookies and desserts or filling pasta shells, deviled eggs or pastries.

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CCP#10 - Bumpy Way Home by L4bomb4

• This track somehow reminds me of XXX Firebrand back from tmn ESWC, but its a nice contribution by L4bomb4 for the Christmas Calendar Project.

• track:\u0026id=6774160#auto

• music: Eikona - Felt So Right


• Get yourself the sick xmas carskin by schumi:
• The snowmod I´m using for my Stadium videos:

• This is footage from different TrackMania games by Nadeo/Ubisoft. More information about the more recent games from the TrackMania² series can be found here:

• If you like the work I´m doing stay social with me for more updates!

Amazing Cultivation Simulator Review | CCP™ Edition™

Dedicated to Xi Jingping and the splendor of China.

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